What Roof Window is best?

When deciding which roof window brand is best for your home, it can be difficult as there are so many options now on the market, inclduing the big name brands like FAKRO and VELUX. VELUX being the biggest brand name in the world. This is due to good product and good marketing!

So are VELUX the best Roof Windows?

Well, that depends how you look at it. As price plays a massive part in everything we buy, do we need to sacrafice quality to get something cheaper?

FAKRO Windows are not much different in cost, usually a few % cheaper than VELUX, so not a huge saving. But the quality is on par with VELUX.

Other manufacturers include DAKEA, AURORA, ROOFLITE, KEYLITE and ROTO.

All of these windows are siginifcantly cheaper than the likes of VELUX, but do they offer less in terms of quality?

Well, maybe, but not by much – And when you compare prices you can really save yourself a lot of money and not sacrifice a whole lot.

RoofLITE Windows start from just £90.00 if you shop around online. We tested these windows along side the names above and found they were a good quality window and we would happily lose a bit of the quality compared to FAKRO and VELUX, to save up to 50% on the cost.

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