Testing Firestone EPDM Waterproofing

Long Lasting, Requires Little Maintenance and it looks good!

So Firestone EPDM membrane is miles ahead of some of the older traditional feltst for example. Firestone claims in can be used in the most extreme conditions and that it gives you one of the most durable flat roof coverings available on the market today. They even claim it can last up to 50 years!

So what makes Firestone’s RubberCover better than the rest and are there any negative points to take in to account?

Firstly, coverings like Felt after time can start to accumilate moss. EPDM Rubber doesnt allow moss to grow on the surface, so you will get a clear roof for a long time. And because of the colour (Like a charcoal black) it doesnt really show any dirt, so less time cleaning!

Are there any cons?

If you have a freestanding roof, or something with little to no penetrations such as roof windows or vents, then installation is really quite easy and this can be done by a DIYer.

Obstacles though, such as those listed above, require the EPDM to be flashed with their bespoke flashing tape and required primer. This is where a bit of skill is required to ensure that no leaks will occur later on down the line. So this will need to be taken in to account.

Other issues we found is that damage can happen. The rubber itself although durable, is not puncture resistant. So damage can occur if something is dropped on the roof or you step on a screw or stone when installing. But it is relatively easy to repair punctures, in a similar way to repairing and inner tube for your bike!

But dont let this put you off, simple care when installing and up on the roof and you shouldnt have any issues.

Pros? Yep, theres a few.

Firestones EPDM actually uses recycled materials, making it ECO friendly to some degree. The EPDM comes in huge sheets, meaning that most of the time roofs can be covered in a single sheet, meaning no seams or joins to be made (Less chance of leaks). Firestone EPDM s also BBA Certified, so you know that you are getting a high quality product.

It’s also readily available across hundreds of outlets in the UK, most offering a next day delivery service.

It’s well priced too!

We give Firestone EPDM 9/10 stars!

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